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The Skedaddle App

Below you'll find answers to some of the questions we've been asked about our app... do call or email if you need any more information.

How do I log in to the app?

You log in with your booking reference and your last name. If you are travelling with people who have the same last name as you, select the correct first name from the dropdown.

I have not booked a holiday, can I use the app?

Yes, you can download the app on App Store or get it on your Android phone and access the Skedaddle demo trip called 'Newcastle Knees-up' to see all the features available for our Skedaddlers.

My holiday isn't available on the app. Why not?

Because we have just launched the Skedaddle app (March 2019), it is currently limited to a collection of UK Self Guided holidays. We will be adding more holidays in the future.

I have two trips booked but can only see one. Why?

You can add another booking by going to 'Manage my trips' and selecting 'Add another booking'. Please note, you might not be able to add your other holiday as it might not be available on the app yet. If this is the case, please give us a call on +44 (0)191 265 1110.

I want to use the app, but like good old-fashioned maps too. Can I use both?

Of course! While we think the app is the bees knees and super handy, we appreciate that sometimes there's nothing like the real thing in your hands. This is why we give paper maps and route notes to all our Skedaddlers, regardless of whether you plan to use the app for navigating.

How do I attach my device to my bike so I can use the navigation?

We will lend you a sturdy waterproof case so you can to attach your phone to your handlebars. It accommodates phones with a screen size of up to 6 inches and also has space for a spare battery pack (or snacks if you prefer). Your rep gives you this on arrival and collects it at the end of your holiday.

Will the app use data when I've not got wifi?

No, so don't worry about the app eating through your data or wracking up bills. Everything that the navigation needs is downloaded and cached on your phone.

Will my battery last long enough to navigate a whole day?

The app has been carefully designed and tested to maximise battery power. During testing, a fully charged phone lasted for a full day in navigation mode plus normal phone usage (texting, calls, photos). We do recommend that you keep texting, etc. to a minimum and keep an eye on the battery levels, perhaps giving it a quick charge if you stop somewhere. If you have an external battery pack, you might like to bring that along too.

Where can I find information about where to get lunch while I'm cycling?

Great places to eat and drink are suggested in 'On your route'. They are displayed in order of proximity and can be filtered. They've all been carefully chosen and approved by our Skedaddle guides, who know exactly how important a fine cup of coffee or a locally-brewed pint of ale can be.

How do I start navigation mode each day?

Either from your 'Daily overview' in your itinerary or directly from the navigation symbol. Remember, do not start navigation mode before you are ready to cycle, as you can only start and finish a route once.

What do I do if I stop for a coffee or visit something unexpectedly en route?

Either from your 'Daily overview' in your itinerary or directly from the navigation symbol. Remember, do not start navigation mode before you are ready to cycle, as you can only start and finish a route once.

When do I finish navigation mode?

Only once you've arrived at your accommodation. Remember, you cannot restart a day's navigation once you have finished.

What happens if I get lost?

Switch to 'Full Map View' and you will see your location as a blue dot. The route will also be displayed. Use the 'Full Map View' to find your way back to the route.

What do I do if I urgently need help?

Go to 'Contact' in the app to call your local rep or the Skedaddle directly. You can also send us your exact location and a message, although we ask that you try to call us first. The Skedaddle emergency line is available 24/7.

The app can't find my location, why?

Check in 'Settings' to see whether location services are enabled. If not, go to your phone settings from a link within the Skedaddle app and allow the app to access your location.