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How to use the Skedaddle App

To download the Skedaddle app, go to the App Store for Apple devices or Play Store for Android devices. Search for 'Saddle Skedaddle' and download.

How to use

Log in to the app

Enter your holiday reference and your last name. If there are several people going on your holiday with the same last name, select your first name from the dropdown that will appear.

If you have booked more than one Skedaddle holiday, select 'Manage my trips' and 'Add another booking'. Please be aware that not all of our holidays are available on the Skedaddle app yet. Visit our website or give us a call if you +44 (0)191 265 1110 if you cannot find your holiday.


If you do not have a holiday booked or it is not available on the app yet, try our demo holiday experience instead. You'll get to know what the app can do, and who knows, you might even be tempted to come for a pedal in Newcastle, the home of Skedaddle!

How to use


Select 'Info' and access a wealth of information that will help you prepare for your holiday and even help you while you are out there riding.

We recommend you read through all information carefully before your holiday so you have everything you need to have a great time. There's also some good advice on how to stay safe while out riding.

How to use

Fixing problems

If you find yourself with a dreaded puncture, go to 'Fixing problems' on the app for a step-by- step guide on how to repair it and get back on two wheels.

We'll also give you lots of relevant links, from FAQs to blogs and articles about your daily rides and holiday destination.

How to use

Holiday details

Have all the information about your booking at your fingertips - quickly double check your information is correct, take a sneak peek at your lovely accommodation and access the Trip Notes to remind yourself of the adventures to come.

How to use

My trip

Find out what you can expect each and every day. From arriving at your first night's accommodation to the best cafes en route, it's all here.

See your route from place to place.

How to use

Discover what each day has in store:

  • Map of the day's route
  • The vital statistics... because we all love a good stat!
  • Your daily briefing for an overview of each day
  • 'On your route today' highlights the best cafes, bike shops and places to visit
  • Route notes – view these as you navigate, you will also be given a paper copy
  • Tonight's accommodation – name, address and contact number of where you'll be staying that night
How to use

Emergency response

If you find yourself in trouble, be that lost, ill or late, or perhaps with a bike problem you cannot fix, it's easy to contact Skedaddle from 'Contact' on the app.

You can call your rep who you met on arrival, the Skedaddle office or our 24-hour emergency line.

You can also send your location and an emergency message directly to us. One of our team will respond as soon as possible.


NOTE! Do not start navigation mode until you are ready to ride.
You can only start and finish it once for each day's ride.