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Mountain Bike Grades

Welcome to the official grading page for our mountain biking holidays, the best place to find out which trips match your cycling ability.

The below grading guidelines have been carefully created based on our many years of cycling experience, as well as customer feedback from our trips. Of course, if you’re still struggling to figure out where you fit on the scale, do feel free to give us a quick call and we’ll be more than happy to help! For more information about our grading system click here

Grade 1 ~ Easy

For those new to mountain biking or who do not have a high level of fitness. Easy combination of on road and off road routes. Distances of between 15-30 miles / 25-50 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You ride a bike now and again but wouldn’t describe yourself as a cyclist.

Maybe you want to try cycling away from the traffic or maybe you can see yourself taking up mountain biking as a new way to keep fit. For those brand new to off road riding or looking for a more relaxed trip then we recommend our grade 1 trips.

Grade 2 ~ Gentle

Gentle off-road routes with no difficult technical sections. Distances of 15-30 miles / 25-50 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

A day on the bike would see you exploring quiet bridleways, dirt roads and grassy trails. Maybe you’re new to mountain biking or perhaps rough offroad trails just aren’t normally your thing. If you have all day available and you can cover up to 30 miles. If this sounds like you then you might enjoy our grade 2 trips.

Grade 3 ~ Moderate

Aimed at regular cyclists who have a degree of off road experience. Some moderate and difficult technical sections. Distances of 25-50 miles / 40-80 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

If you have some experience of off road riding on a variety of terrain, and would like to do more, a grade 3 trip could be for you. These holidays give you elements of our higher grade trips but at a manageable level with sections of singletrack (narrow trails wide enough for one rider) and shorter steep sections (both up and down) which require more bike handling ability. A day’s ride can see you on the trails for around 8 hours (with breaks) and covering between 25-50 miles depending on the terrain. If you’re generally fit and manage to ride regularly this could be the level for you.

Grade 4 ~ Challenging

For regular mountain bikers who have a good level of fitness. Routes with frequent moderate to difficult technical sections. Distances of 25-50 miles / 40-80 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

As well as keeping a good level of fitness you are also an experienced biker and enjoy riding more challenging trails. You usually ride most weekends and can cover between 30 and 50 miles over a full 8-9 hour day (with breaks). The routes you choose generally include more challenging 1-2 hour long climbs perhaps with sharp switchbacks and sections of large and loose rocks. You are comfortable riding most trails including sections of technical or exposed singletrack with some testing obstacles such as drop offs and steep downhills. Our grade 4 trips should suit you.

Grade 5 ~ Demanding

For regular and keen mountain bikers with a good level of off-road biking experience. Rides include high-level technical sections. Distances of 30-60 miles / 50-100 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You bike frequently, have a high level of fitness and are happy riding whatever comes your way. You can do demanding days of up to 60 miles (depending on terrain) and are comfortable riding at a faster pace with other experienced riders. Your rides incorporate frequent and unavoidable technical sections which commit you to tackling difficult obstacles such as larger drop offs (30cm+), very steep descents or sections of exposed trail which require a high level of mountain biking skill. You spend the majority of your weekends on the trails and if you are training for a bigger ride you often get a few mid-week rides in as well with a lot of the time split between challenging climbs and testing downhills.