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All About Us

Nowt's a bother, honestly. We go the extra mile so you enjoy the ride...

Where it All Began

We've been travelling the world on our bikes for more than 20 years...

Our Story

As you might expect we've got a few stories to tell, not to mention the one where we decided to do this trapped in a snowstorm on a mountain pass in Chile. As we, (Paul and Andrew - hello!) hunkered down together next to our bikes 4,000m up, we talked about the journey we'd been on, riding through a place instead of simply passing by.

And it's this conversation, held in a mild frost-bitten peril, that led to us starting Saddle Skedaddle. Importantly, what inspired us all those years ago still inspires us today. That travel should move you and that there is no better way to meet a place properly - its people, its culture, its natural wonders - than by bike.


25 Years Young

2020 marks a big year for us here at Skedaddle, 25 years of pedallin' the globe in search of good vibes and great adventures!

What makes our cycling holidays so Amazing

Pedalling through not just passing by

Pedalling through not just passing by

Goodbye missed opportunities and tourist traps, and hello authentic travel experiences. Read More

Life's too short to not ride a bike

Life's too short to not ride a bike

This is active travel. Skedaddler's don't do 'doing nowt', they do awesome things on two wheels. Read More

A different kind of 'all inclusive'

A different kind of 'all inclusive'

We're bigging up being outdoors, the freedom and for whatever the day has in store for us. It's all part of a Skedaddle-induced feel good feeling. Read More

Time to Explore on Two Wheels

Whether you choose to go for our small-guided parties of around 6 to 15 people or decide to ride self-guided with friends or family, our hand-picked destinations and routes, led by local experts, are designed to make sure everyone has an incredible time.

We want you to relax and unwind, to be challenged and exhilarated. At Skedaddle, we want you to feel like you’ve really been somewhere on holiday. We visit destinations all over the world, with over 260 holidays in 36 destinations (and counting!)

249 Holidays. 32 Countries and counting