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Giant x Saddle Skedaddle

A partnership between Skedaddle and Giant goes back a long way. By working together, we are able to provide cyclists with the equipment, experiences, and support they need to enjoy cycling to the fullest. Keep reading to find out more about our combined expertise and commitment to innovation and inclusivity, so every rider who joins us for a ride can look forward to an unparalleled cycling experience!

Proud To Work Together

Our partnership with Giant goes back a long way. In fact, all the way back to the very beginning of Skedaddle when, almost 29 years ago now, co-founders Paul and Andrew set off on a cycling adventure through the rugged terrain of South America riding the then state-of-the-art Giant Chaos and Giant GT Avalanche bikes graciously donated by the company.

Ever since then, our companies have worked together to provide Skedaddle clients with the bikes, gear and support they need in order to enjoy their cycling holiday experience to the fullest. “The bikes and technology may have changed over the years but the constant has been our close relationship with Giant,” said Andrew Straw, co-founder of Skedaddle. “They are a great bunch of people we are proud to call friends rather than simply a supplier.” 

As companies, we are both committed to innovation and inclusivity. This means that by combining forces with Giant, we can give Skedaddle customers access to the best possible equipment for their cycling adventures, whether you’re headed out on a leisurely ride through the vineyards, tackling a classic mountain pass, or crushing some challenging singletrack trail.

Giant Hire Bikes On Skedaddle Holidays

On the majority of our holidays, Skedaddle riders have access to a full quiver of Giant hire bikes that accommodate all the different types of riding levels, conditions, and terrain found on our trips. Whether you prefer a road bike, gravel bike, hybrid bike, mountain bike, or even e-bike, we are committed to making sure you have access to a bike that is right for you!

Fully backed by the resources and knowledge at Giant, Skedaddle’s expert guides and support team are always on hand to ensure that all your bike needs are met when out enjoying one of our holidays. 

Even if you own your own bike (or three), hiring one on your next cycling holiday can be a lot of fun! It’s a great way to test-ride a bike to see if it’s one you might like to buy for yourself, as well as try out some new bike technology like electric mountain bikes! What’s not to like about that?

Want to know more about our Giant hire bikes? Get in touch!

About Giant

Giant was founded in 1972 with a mission – to create better bikes and improve cycling for all riders.

Today, Giant has grown well beyond its roots to a world-leading bicycle brand, pioneering advancements in frame materials and performance cycling. Giant revolutionised the modern-day peloton with the first compact road bike and established Giant’s Maestro Suspension for performance off-road riding and racing – our global goal is to unleash each rider’s full potential.

In 2008, the women-powered sister brand of Giant bicycles, Liv Cycling, was born. Liv is the only comprehensive cycling brand committed to women, creating innovative bikes and gear to perform at the highest level. Through our cycling sisterhood, Liv strives to inspire and empower women through our community of cyclists worldwide.