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Bikmo Cycle Insurance

It’s great taking your own bike and kit on your Saddle Skedaddle adventure. You’ve worked hard to earn it, you know it all fits well, and you’re familiar with it all.

Things to consider...

Before you pack your bags and prepare your bike, it’s worth checking you have insurance sorted, and that you understand what protection you have.
Your travel insurance may give you all the cover you need, but if it’s not designed specifically for bike adventures, you should check the details:
1. Check the limits on your ‘total’ and ‘single item‘ possessions. This is the maximum you’ll get in any claim. The limits may be well below the value of your bike(s) and kit.
2. The most common type of cycle insurance claim is accidental damage of bikes, accessories and clothing. Many travel insurance policies won’t cover you for this.
3. Check that the activities you are going to be doing on the trip are included. Look out for exclusions for organised tours and off-road riding, for example.

What Bikmo can offer...

Bikmo bicycle insurance is specialist cycle insurance that covers you and your kit, wherever you are in the world - 365 days of the year. They cover accidental damage, theft, personal accident and third party liability for all types of riding including organised tour and holidays. They also include extra perks like emergency bike hire in case you need to hire another bike to keep riding, and cover for transport in case you need to travel back to your accommodation.
Saddle Skedaddle customers get 10% discount on a Bikmo policy this February using the code SKEDADDLE10plus a £10 voucher for Cycle Surgery to help you get kitted out for the trip. Cover starts at £5.27 per month. Click here to find out more, and get a quote in 16 seconds.