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Road Cycling Grades

Choose the Right Grade!

The grades are guidelines based on our experience and customer feedback. They are intended to help you choose a holiday that best matches your ability, fitness level and preferences.

We grade all our holidays based on a combination of level of physical challenge and the type and difficulty of the route covered. The trip notes contain information about terrain, daily mileage and where relevant the daily height gain.

Don’t be put off by the details of the fitness and experience described in these grades. We understand that some people may be looking to do a road cycling trip as a challenge, or feel that they want to push themselves a bit more than their usual riding. If you are not sure about the grade of a trip that you like the look of, or would like to chat to someone for more details about what to expect, please give us a call on 0191 265 1110 or email info@skedaddle.co.uk

Grade 1 ~ Easy

For those new to cycling or who don’t have a high level of fitness. Easy combination of flatter or gently undulating routes. For riders seeking a very relaxed holiday. Beginners welcome. 20-40 miles / 30-60 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You enjoy riding but wouldn’t necessarily describe yourself as “a cyclist” but you can see yourself possibly taking up cycling as a hobby or a way to keep fit once you’ve gained more experience.

Grade 2 ~ Gentle

On undulating or rolling terrain, occasional moderate / challenging climbs. No high altitude ascents & the odd short steep climbs. For semi-regular riders / relative novices wishing to gain experience & fitness. 40-50 miles / 60-80 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

Happy to spend a few hours on the bike and do so occasionally or perhaps see cycling more as a means of transport than as a leisure activity. Maybe interested in a holiday where there is at least as much emphasis on sightseeing and relaxing as there is on the riding.

Grade 3 ~ Moderate

For riders with experience, good fitness & a decent level of skill. Some features that may be experienced more frequently in a higher grade tour. Most days include a couple of significant climbs. Some long days & some steep to very steep sections. Not for beginners. 45-60 miles / 70-95 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You enjoy a challenge and you‘re keen to attempt a serious to semi-serious mountain pass or two. You‘re as comfortable with the prospect of descending from the top of a col as you are with the idea of climbing it. You‘re looking forward to a little culture and local cuisine on your holiday as much as you are looking forward to the riding.

Grade 4 ~ Challenging

For cyclists with stamina & a good level of fitness. Long & challenging days with multiple tough or high altitude ascents, with steep sections over extended distances. Long & often technically demanding descents. Road riding for experienced riders. 45-95 miles / 80-160 kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You‘re an enthusiast who loves challenges and is looking for a tour with plenty of climbing and who is competent at descending. You understand road etiquette and are comfortable riding in a bunch and you‘re happy to do your stint at the front of the pack. You‘re probably also considering a Grade 5 tour.

Grade 5 ~ Demanding

Designed for cyclists with good stamina and a high level of fitness. Consecutively long, challenging days with multiple serious or high altitude ascents. Frequent steep or very steep stages occasionally over extended distances. Includes long and often technically demanding descents. Serious road riding for experienced riders only. 60-100 miles / 95-160kms per day.


Is this suitable for you?

You‘re not unlike a Grade 4 rider, but are looking for the ultimate challenge. You’ve ridden in the high mountains on numerous occasions and you‘re keen to push your boundaries just a little bit further. Your riding experience is the most important aspect of your holiday and you are a very competent climber and descender.