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Sarawak Jungle Adventures

Guided Family Bike Tour




14 days

Prices from

$3,635 P.P.
Child Discount Applies

Sarawak Jungle Adventures

Guided Family Bike Tour




14 days

Prices from

$3,635 P.P.
Child Discount Applies
If you are looking for a family holiday that will excite and enthuse both you and the kids then Sarawak is the place for you. This is a stunning and mythical land that is home to lush jungles, wild tropical rainforests and beautiful quiet sandy beaches. It is a place bursting with incredible wildlife.
Following your arrival into colourful Kuching we start our activities the next day with a biking tour of the city where we explore the Main Bazaar and the exotic open-air market of Kubah Ria before enjoying some tasty local food at one of its excellent restaurants. Our first destination is the coastal Buntal which we reach by bike via the small fishing Kampongs (villages) before we head to Permai Rainforest where we end the day with a boat trip through the mangroves in search of dolphins, crocodiles and fire flies.
Next stop is Sarawak’s most famous National Park, Bako which is reached following a scenic coastal speedboat journey. Once here we have a fully guided jungle walk(s) to search out the bizarre looking Proboscis Monkey, flying Lemurs and tropical birds such as Hornbills. Once on dry-land our next wildlife highlight is at the wonderful Semenggoh Nature Reserve, which is home to endangered Orangutans rescued from captivity and are now part of a successful rehabilitation program. A busy day ends after a great spot of cycling, at a traditional Longhouse where we are treated to a dance performance and traditional Dayak food.
A day of gentle fun river kayaking is then followed with an evening sampling local delicacies at the night market of Siniawan. Swapping cycling shoes for fins our next day is spent snorkelling at the idyllic Satang Island where we also hear about its Turtle breeding programme. Back on our bikes we conclude our cycling with two lovely coastal rides that end at our quiet our beachside accommodation.
Our final morning is spent relaxing on the beach or poolside before returning to Kuching for souvenir shopping and a final night celebrations and yet more delicious cuisine that you and the kids won't want to leave behind.


  • Stunning Sematan with its palm fringed coastline
  • Overnighting at a traditional Sarawak Longhouse
  • Orangutan spotting at Semenggoh Nature Reserve
  • Time in Sarawak’s incredible National Parks
  • Jungle hikes, waterfalls dips and kayak paddling
  • Treasure Hunts in the markets of Kuching

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Day 1
Departure for Borneo

Today you leave for Borneo from your chosen departure airport arriving into Sarawak’s Kuching’s International Airport (KCH) the next day.

Day 2
Arrival in Kuching

Following arrival we transfer the short distance (30 Minutes approx.) to the Heritage Quarter of Kuching. Situated close to the Sarawak River our small boutique hotel is the perfect place for you and your family to rest-up following your flights. This former all-girls’ boarding school has been painstakingly renovated and retains many of the building’s original features as well as a lovely pool should you be looking to take a dip or relax poolside.

With most flights arriving late morning / early afternoon we’ll meet-up with the other families for dinner in the early evening, which will be taken at a great local restaurant a short walking distance from the hotel.

Day 3
Kuching - City Cycling Fun
7 Miles / 11 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 50 Metres Approx.

A relaxed start to the day and after breakfast it’s time to properly meet our team in Borneo and spend some time familiarising yourself with your bikes. For those of you who have brought along your own pedals and/or saddles these can be fitted at this stage.

Soon afterwards we begin our cycling exploration of Kuching. Highlights are numerous and include time in the the vibrant and exotic open-air market of Kubah Ria where we have a treasure hunt and search out tropical fruit and weird and wonderful jungle produce.

During the ride we’ll stop in Kaijoo Street to sample its famous Puffs (sweet or savory pies) and in the bustling India Street and the Old Town’s Main Bazaar there’s stores a plenty to make a dent in the kids spending money.

A few pedals later and we are in the quiet lanes of the Kuching Kampongs (villages) along the riverside. After winding our way through these and checking out the daily-life of the locals we cross the river in traditional fashion, in a ‘Sampan’ (flat bottomed Malay wooden boat).

Our evening meal is taken at a small restaurant close to our hotel, with the guides on hand to answer any questions you may have about the next few days.

Day 4
Kuching to Santubong
12 Miles / 20 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 120 Metres Approx.

So as to avoid some busier roads we start the day with a short transfer to the nearby coastal mangroves.

From here we should be able to see the majestic Mount Santubong (810m) in the distance, with our first stop along the way the Malay fishing kampong of Buntal. Its bay is a great place to spot migratory birds (especially in late September / early October) since it is a major stop-off point and refuelling site due to its nutrient rich mudflats, sandflats and mangroves.

After lunch at a nearby restaurant overlooking the bay, we cycle for a few more miles before loading up the bikes for a hilly section up Permai Rainforest Resort.

This eco-resort situated in pristine rainforest on the shores of the South China Sea and at the foot of mystical Mount Santubong and is a great place to end the day. Should we have made good progress today there is the option to take a trail walk (2hrs total) to the Permai Waterfall for a cooling outdoor shower.

Late afternoon we take a guided wildlife boat cruise through the spectacular mangroves tributaries close to Santubong. These waters are frequently crossed by the Pink, Irrawaddy and Bottlenose Dolphins so make sure you keep a look-out for them during the journey. It’s also a good place to spot Proboscis Monkeys who head to the edges of the mangroves to eat. Following sunset we grab our torches and spy for Fireflies and Crocodiles (from the safety of the boat!) as they glide through the water in search of food.

Once back on dry-land we transfer back to Permai to our accommodation at which we also take our evening meal.

Day 5
Bako National Park
Wildlife Day
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

After waking to the sounds of the jungle and breakfast we head to the beach in order to take our small speedboat that will speed us along the beautiful coastline of Santubong Peninsula and Buntal Bay to reach Bako National Park (90 minutes duration).

Accompanied by our expert guide we head to the best places to spot wildlife and check out the park’s plant life. Potential wildlife sightings includes Proboscis and Silver Leaf monkeys, Long-Tail Macaques, Bornean Bearded Pigs, Flying Lemurs (Colugo), snakes, tropical birds and numerous Pitcher Plants.

Armed with our specially prepared fact sheets the kids can tick off the species and we can see who is the most eagle-eyed amongst them.

Both lunch and dinner are taken in the National Park and for those looking for more adventure, after our evening meal we’ll be clicking on our torches to check out the park’s nocturnal creatures that include all number of creepy-crawlies, noisy frogs and if we are lucky the elusive Civet cat.

**Please Note : During stormy weather the boat will be replaced with inland van transfer. This is usually the case for our December departure as the water then can be choppy.

Day 6
Bako - Annah Rais Longhouse
12 Miles / 20 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 480 Metres Approx.

After breakfast at the National Park canteen, we take a 20 minute boat transfer from Bako National Park to Kampong Bako jetty. From here we board our transfer vehicle for the journey (1hr approx.) to the start of our cycling in the interior.

Using winding backroads, we then pedal through a landscape dotted with small kampongs, rice paddies and fruit plantations close to the Penrissen mountain range.

We end the day at Annah Rais one of the few remaining traditional Longhouses in Sarawak and is our accommodation for the evening. The Bidayuh are the second largest Dayak tribe in Sarawak and will be our hosts for the remainder of the day as we learn more about their way of life. In the evening we enjoy a traditional Dayak dinner all served on the Tanju (patio) area of the longhouse. Post dinner you’ll be treated to a display of traditional dance and music and invited to show off your own fancy footwork.

Day 7
Blue Lake - Jungle Cooking - Annah Rais Longhouse
3 Miles / 5 Kms Approx. (Hiking)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 600 Metres Approx.

After a quick vehicle transfer, we reach Bengoh Dam jetty for an awesome 20 minutes boat ride across a tranquil lake surrounded by mountains. Once disembarked it’s time for a 30 minute hike to Kampong Kiding with its stunning views of Blue Lake below.

Today’s hiking continues for around an hour (a little steep at times), but is well worth the effort as it will bring you to a series of spectacular waterfalls whose crystal-clear waters are surrounded by virgin jungle. After a spot of relaxation at the falls it’s time to learn the art of Dayak culinary skills. With bamboo harvested from the jungle this is a hands-on cooking experience that you and the kids will both enjoy.

Bellies suitably full and dried off from swimming we return to the village passing through pepper farms, where we will see how the spice is harvested and processed. From here we return to Bengoh by boat before transferring (10 minutes) to our accommodation at Annah Rais Longhouse.

Enjoy another night of good old Bidayuh-style hospitality, and recharge for the next day!

Day 8
Annah Rais Longhouse - Kayaking - Siniawan
10 Miles / 16 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch
  • Ascent: 310 Metres Approx.

We start the day with breakfast at the longhouse before setting out for a river adventure.

After heading down it’s a quick transfer (20 minutes) to the village of Danu where we start our river kayaking. It’s a scenic gentle downstream paddle (around 7Kms) that sees us meandering through the rainforest taking in its sights and sounds along the way.

After reaching Semadang by kayak and following a delicious lunch we are back on our bikes for a gentle afternoon ride on a lovely rural route through small settlements and rich agricultural land that takes us all the way to the historic town of Siniawan.

A short distance away is Kuching Buddhist Village a serene sanctuary surrounded by pagodas and temples which will be our accommodation. Siniawan dramatically comes to life in the evening with its main street bustling with food vendors plying their delicious wares and it’s at one of these that we’ll enjoy your evening meal before heading back to the Buddhist Village.

Day 9
Semenggoh Orangutans - Siniawan - Wind Cave - Tondong
12 Miles / 20 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 280 Metres Approx.

From the Buddhist Village we board our transfer vehicle for the journey (30 mins approx) to the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Enclosed in a large area of lush rainforest it is home to endangered Orangutans who have been rescued from captivity and who are now part of a successful rehabilitation programme. During the scheduled feeding time, these amazing primates should descend from the canopy to the lower branches of trees, near the feeding area and offer us the chance to see them at fairly close quarters which for many is the wildlife highlight of the trip.

From Semenggoh we have a vehicle transfer back to the Buddhist Village from where it’s time to start cycling; a great ride that loops around the town of Bau (the oldest gold mining outpost in Sarawak).

Our first main stop comes after a few miles and is at the Blue Lake (an old gold mine), where we have lunch, before we continue our ride to the Fairy Cave*. This is a beautiful limestone cave whose name derives from a stalagmite structure at the entrance that is said to resemble a Chinese deity. Inside, you’ll notice the contrasts between the light entering the cave and its shadowy darkness and be accompanied by bats and swifts.

We then take a quick transfer to the small village of Tondong where our hotel is located. We’ll have dinner at the hotel. *Should Fairy Cave be closed we will visit the equally spectacular Wind Cave.

Day 10
Tondong - Satang Island - Tondong
Wildlife Day
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

A non-cycling day that starts with a transfer (1hr) to the sleepy fishing kampong of Telaga where we take a fun boat journey to over to Satang Island.* Once on the island we visit the turtle hatchery to find out about the conservation work being carried out to help endangered Green Turtles. It’s a lovely setting and with this in mind we have set aside time to relax off the island’s white sandy beaches and to enjoy a spot of snorkelling in its tranquil clear waters.

Lunch is taken on the island and once back on the mainland we board our transfer vehicle and after a pit-stop at Serapi, for a delicious coconut shake we head back to our hotel in Tondong.

In the evening our local team will help to prepare a BBQ banquet at the hotel.

*NB. In the event of stormy weather that makes it unsafe to cross over to Satang Island National Park we will instead visit by boat to a beautiful deserted village fronting the ocean or visit Kubah National Park for a short hike.

Day 11
Tondong - Matang - Lundu
12 Miles / 20 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 160 Metres Approx.

Today we start heading towards the western tip of Borneo and follow a coastline that is dotted with isolated beaches and peat-swamp forests giving us great opportunities to spot numerous wetland and coastal birds.

After crossing the Sampadi River we cycle past small farms that are dotted along the road and cultivate papaya, coconut, and palm oil and will visit the bee hives of the Borneo Stingless Bee to learn a little more about these insects.

A late lunch is taken at the coastal town of Lundu nearby to Gunung Gading National Park home to the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, which can grow up to one metre/three feet in diameter. Owing to the Rafflesia’s rarity and brief flowering period, timing is all important, so we’ll be checking-in with the park staff to see if we are in luck!

Our coastal accommodation is at the wonderful Union Retreat. Our small hotel is set in tranquil surroundings right on the beach front, with its calm sea water and superb pool the perfect place for everyone to unwind after a day’s activities before the sun drops over the horizon.

Day 12
Lundu - Sematan
12 Miles / 20 Kms Approx. (Cycling)
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 250 Metres Approx.

After a lazy poolside breakfast it’s time for your final day of cycling and what a day it is!

This is a really picturesque day of riding that follows the coastline for much of the time and takes us through small villages and close to deserted beaches lined with coconut trees. As the road ends we are able to spot the picturesque town of Sematan across the water. So after loading up the bikes on a small local boat we hop aboard in order to reach it.

At Sematan we visit the local fish market to check-out its fresh catches before continuing to a small waterfall that is a great setting for a cooling dip and the perfect spot for our picnic lunch.

Post picnic (should you wish) then there is the option to ride another 10kms and end your cycling in Sarawak with a final peaceful pedal alongside a stretch of white sandy beach or should it be low tide you can even ride all the way to the accommodation – what a treat!!

Our quiet beachfront accommodation (with its superb pool) is another great place to watch the sunset and round-off the day with some more delicious food at its restaurant.

Day 13
Transfer from Sematan to Kuching
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Time to take it easy and relax and reflect by the beach / poolside in the morning prior to our post-lunch transfer back to Kuching (2hrs approx).

Once back and checked in to our hotel, the remainder of the day is yours to take at leisure. There’s lots to see here so whether you fancy checking out the local street art, visiting a museum or two, need to stock up on souvenirs and handicrafts or fancy one more bowl of lovely Laksa at the market you’ll not be disappointed.

We round-off the day with yet more delicious food at one of Kuching’s best loved restaurants in Bukit Mata to celebrate our time in Borneo.

Day 14
  • Meals: Breakfast

A few final hours in Kuching before we head to its nearby airport for onward connections (journey time to airport approx. 30 Minuets).

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The Cycling


The cycling terrain on this tour is roughly 95% on sealed roads and 5% on dirt roads and non-technical tracks and trails. The routes vary from flat to undulating , with hillier (but not overly challenging) sections on certain days.

Traffic is generally light and whilst the cycling is done at a relaxed pace you need to be alert for surprises along the way such as unexpected un-surfaced road sections, potholes, animals, vehicles and people.


Family Cycling Grade

Grade 2 - 3: Gentle/ Moderate

Aspects of both our grade 2 and 3 trips

Suitable for those looking for some cycle friendly routes

Some modest climbs

Possibly sections of varying terrain (eg. forest tracks, gravel paths etc).

Our grading guidelines have been carefully created based on our many years of cycling experience, as well as customer feedback from our trips. Of course, if you're still struggling to figure out where you fit on the scale, do feel free to give us a quick call and we'll be more than happy to help!

For more information about our grading system click here.

Is this suitable for you?

Trips that are graded as a 2-3, will have aspects of both our grade 2 and 3 holidays. These tours are still suitable for those perhaps who have recently got into cycling, and offer an array of accessible, cycle friendly routes, cycle paths and quiet roads, however there will be some days / sections where you may have to tackle some ups and downs, the occasional steeper climb and perhaps some varying terrain (forest tracks, gravel paths etc). Suitable for those with a decent level of physical fitness, looking for some leisurely rides with occasional (achievable!) challenges along the way.  

For more information about the grading of this holiday in particular, please check out the terrain section which will give you some specifics of what to expect on this tour.

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Dates & Prices

Discounts available for children below the age of 16 who are sharing a room with 2 full-paying adults. Further discounts may apply depending on your group size.

Secure Your Holiday With A Deposit

Book now with a $300 deposit and nothing more to pay until 60 days before departure. Choose a date to start your booking and see all prices, including bike hire and single room supplements.

Select a date to view prices and book
Start Date
End Date
Price p.p.
Start Date
Return Date
14 days
Start Date
Return Date
14 days
Start Date
Return Date
14 days

Whats Included Tick

A) All Accommodation (see specific accommodation section)

B) Meals as per itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

C) Fees to all attractions during Kuching Cycle Ride (Day 3)

D) Entrance fees to National Parks as per the itinerary

E) Entrance fees to Semenggoh Nature Reserve (Day 6)

F) Longhouse Cultural Show (Day 6)

G) Kayaking – Danu to Semadang & Wind Cave entry (Day 8)

I) Entrance fee to Matang Wildlife Centre (Day 10)

J) All boat journeys / river crossings (as per the itinerary)

K) Full tour service, including guide(s) qualified in first aid

L) Support vehicle(s) and all luggage transfers

M) Airport transfers on scheduled arrival and departure days

What's not Included Cross

A) Bike rental (available if required)

B) Flights and bike carriage charges (if applicable)

C) Meals not stated in the itinerary

D) Single room (available on request)

E) Travel insurance

F) Personal clothing and equipment

G) Any tips for guides (at own discretion)

G) Personal expenditure (souvenirs, bar bills, etc.)

H) Airport transfers on non-scheduled arrival / departure days

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Private Departures

Private Departures

Are you keen to only travel with your family or friends? Struggling to find the right date? Well, we can organise a private departure for this tour and tailor aspects to suit your group's specific needs. Contact our friendly team and we'll help you turn your dream into reality.

The Essentials

Travel Options

Our tour starts in Sarawak following arrival at Kuching Airport (KCH). The tour has been designed to allow for overnight travel on ‘day 1‘, arriving into Kuching on day 2 of the itinerary. Airport transfers are included in the cost of your holiday.

Although there are no direct flights to Kuching from the UK / Europe you may fly via Kuala Lumpur (KUL)with Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines (SIA) from London Heathrow (LHR). Emirates also offer options from UK regional Airports via Dubai (DXB) / Kuala Lumpur (KUL).

Please contact us for more detailed information on the specific flight schedules available for your holiday.

Please check with us before making any travel arrangements to make sure we have reached the minimum number required to guarantee your holiday and to ensure your arrangements fit with our scheduled transfers.

Please note If you make travel arrangements that fall outside of the above time windows there may be an additional charge for individual transfers.


Unlike the neighbouring state of Sabah, tourism is very much in its infancy in Sarawak and adds to the lure and attraction of this unique area of Malaysia.

We’ll enjoy a mixture of hotels, Bali-style chalets, and beach resorts. Some accommodation is more basic but situated in superb locations that have been chosen to keep us close to wildlife spotting opportunities and rainforest / wildlife walks.

We’ll also stay at various homestays and guesthouses along the way which offer basic facilities, but we try to make sure these are followed by a night in a hotel.

Contact us should you require a full accommodation list for a specific date.

Bike Hire

If you don’t own a bike or would prefer to avoid bringing your own, we have suitable bikes available to rent.

Bikes for this trip are typically Giant Escape 2 City Disc hybrid bikes, with an Aluminium frame, Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Please note, some XS and XL sizes may be on a front suspension Mountain Bike, typically a Java Moka.

If you decide to rent, we will provide all the necessary spares. If you prefer to bring along your own saddle and pedals this is fine, just let us know upon booking.

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