Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I fit enough?

We find that many people actually surprise themselves at how much they can achieve on a bike, nevertheless it is really important for you and for the other people on the tour, that we match the right people to the right trips. We ask that you pay careful attention to our grading descriptions and that you are honest with yourself when you’re doing so. If you’re in any doubt call us and we will help you decide whether the trip you’re considering is the right one or whether you should opt for an alternative.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes you can and we actually love it when you do! Bringing your own bike is the safest way to ensure you’ll be 100% comfortable on your chosen ride, however we’re more than happy to provide a hire bike if you can’t travel with your own trusty two-wheeled stead. For hire bike prices please refer to individual holiday pages, or give us a quick buzz to ask our team for more information. If you are bringing your own bike, most airlines have straightforward and affordable bike carriage policies and our staff can offer plenty of advice on the various methods of packing and travelling. We’ll even help you assemble it on arrival and pack it away safe and sound when you return!

Do I arrange my own travel?

We don’t include flights to destinations as part of our cycling holiday experience, which means you’re free to choose the best options for you in terms of price and convenience. We won’t leave you out on a lurch though and all of our travel consultants can offer expert guidance on the best flights to take so you can book confidently, independently!

I’m thinking about arriving early or departing late, is that okay?

Many of our customers decide to extend their holiday before or after our trip, either by a day or so to stretch the legs after a long flight, or to visit somewhere we don’t get to whilst cycling. With a great local team in each destination we can help book extra nights and arrange extensions to make things as straightforward as possible.

On the bikes

What if I get lost or left behind?

On self-guided tours, comprehensive route notes with accompanying maps are provided as standard to guide you along the way and keep you on the right track. We are also just a phone call away should you need us.

On guided and supported holidays there will always be a spread of ability, however, our guides and support staff are an experienced bunch so no need to worry. Whatever your level, you’ll be well looked after.

Do I need to be a good mechanic?

We don’t expect anyone to be a qualified mechanic on one of our tours (bar our amazing guides of course!) but a basic knowledge of a bike is always recommended. For extra support, our guiding teams have plenty of knowledge to keep bikes rolling under most circumstances (they’ve even been known to fix a broken wheel in the Patagonian wilderness miles from any form of civilization). On the rare occasions that we can’t fix a bike on the road, we’ll do everything we can to get you to a bike shop ASAP.

So, what happens if I do get a puncture?

Don’t be deflated if this happens to you along the way! We promise it’s not as tricky and technical as it may seem and we can give you a crash course, if you need it, before you set off. Anyone who hires a bike from us will be kitted out with the basics needed to keep you in good order (multitool, spare tubes, puncture repair kits and tyre levers etc…) with local teams on hand should you get into any major bother and need a helping hand to get you on the move again.


What’s the difference between a self guided and guided holiday?

For those looking for a little extra support on their cycling holiday our guided holidays are perfect and come with guides to show you the way, picnic lunches to keep you fuelled and the chance to make lots of new friends. If you are looking for a little bit more flexibility, our self-guided tours are for you. These tours have the same great cycling opportunities, but you’ll be provided route notes instead to navigate yourself each day, so you can go at your own pace. For more information about what you can expect on a self guided or guided holiday click here.

Can I design my own trip?

Yes! Whether you’re simply looking to do one of our standard trips but on a different date than our scheduled departures, modify an existing itinerary to meet your own needs or have grand designs to organise something from scratch, we can work with you to give you exactly what you want. Click here to find out more about our Tailor Made holidays or call us to discuss your ideas and turn your dream trip into reality.

Do you have E-bike options?

We welcome electric bikes on a selection of our tours where the terrain is suitable and these bikes are available. They are currently available to rent and you are welcome to bring your own E-bike on a selection of European (guided and self-guided) Leisure and supported UK Leisure holidays, as well as on a selection of our long-haul Cycling Adventures. Availability is very limited in some destinations.

We also have a range of Electric Mountain Bike holidays that are perfect for those who want to ride with like-minded adventurers and use the capabilities of an electrically-assisted mountain bike to its fullest.

NB: E-bikes are not currently available to rent on any of our Road Cycling holidays. For various reasons we are not currently accepting guests bringing their own E-bikes on these tours except under very exceptional circumstances.

It is essential that you discuss the suitability with us before bringing your own E-bike on any holiday. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any further information.

I’m a solo traveller, do I have to pay the single room supplement?

No, the single room supplement is only payable if you want a room of your own. You can avoid paying this additional fee by sharing a room with another member of the group. So, if you’re not too bothered about having your very own room, this is a great option and hey, who knows, you may even make a great new friend! On some Bike and Boat tours, single supplements will also apply.

I’m joining a group trip, what size of group can I expect?

We guarantee our tours on a minimum of 6 people per trip, so you can always expect to have at least 5 other Skedaddlers on your chosen group holiday. Popular tours can have up to 15 people on any given trip. For more details about your chosen group trip size, please contact our team, who’ll be happy to help. NB: On rare occassions we may alter the minimum/ maximum number of guests per trip.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes, it’s part of our policy that all Skedaddlers are safe on their bikes and therefore we ask that everyone wear a helmet whilst enjoying a Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday. Please click here to read our helmet policy in full.

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday?

If you need to cancel or change your holiday, just give us call to chat things through, for those who want to find out more beforehand, you can check out our terms and conditions by clicking here. We will always do our best to make sure no one loses out unnecessarily and always recommend travel insurance, even on our UK trips, to make sure you are going to be protected in case of any last minute problems.

Can I take a drone on holiday with me?

Skedaddle do not allow customers to use drones on our holidays on the grounds of Health and Safety and the potential negative impact on other customers holiday experience. Skedaddle may choose to have a professional photographer or videographer use a drone on a trip to capture images or the condition they have the appropriate permissions and licenses for and experience of using a drone in the specific situation and location.

Can I travel solo on a self-guided cycling holiday?

Because our first priority is the safety of our customers we unfortunately don’t allow solo travellers on self-guided holidays. We have this policy as in this situation we wouldn’t be able to find out about more serious accidents, and wouldn’t be able to ensure everyone is looked after. Solo travellers are very welcome on any of our guided, supported or boat and bike trips.

Road Cycling

What are the hire bikes like?

If you don’t own a suitable bike or would prefer to avoid bringing your own we have bikes available to hire. These bikes are typically Giant Defy or alternative brand equivalent, great bikes with good quality components. If you do decide to hire we can include a helmet and all necessary spares for the trip. Please request helmets when booking. The bikes will come with flat pedals as standard, so please do bring your own pedals if you use clipless pedals. You may also bring your own saddle if you so wish!

What sort of cycling kit do you recommend?

After booking your holiday we'll send you the pre-departure dossier which contains your essential packing list for you chosen trip, so pay close attention to this and pack accordingly. Some additional items our team of roadies team suggest for the road include chamois cream decanted into a small bottle – 4 hours into an 8 ride most of that chamois cream you lathered on when you got dressed will have rubbed off! If you’re looking to go cleated, some cleat covers are a great way to protect your snazzy cycling shoes during lunch café stops, and will stop you sliding on slippy floors. Finally, a pair of arm warmers are always handy when facing fluctuating temperatures in the mountains.

Gravel Riding

How is Gravel different from other types of cycling in the Skedaddle range?

Skedaddle gravel is all about taking the path less travelled and heading off the beaten track in search of adventure. Whereas our road cycling holidays feature the finest tarmac, our MTB holidays showcase amazing off-road riding and our leisure holidays focus on gentle riding with an emphasis on relaxing as much as on the riding, our Gravel holidays are all about mixing it up. The gravel trails won’t be as technically demanding as you would typically find on a mountain bike trip and our itineraries are designed to avoid paved roads and traffic as much as possible.

Gravel riding is as much about the grin factor as it is about the trail surface and the buzz of switching from one surface to another without having to worry about whether you have the “right” bike soon becomes addictive. Our Gravel Riding trips will let you see a destination from a different perspective, arriving with a big smile and a new appreciation for this ‘best of all worlds’ type of riding.

What different types of gravel trails might I encounter on my trip?

One of the real joys of gravel riding is how much variation of trails you’ll find in a typical day. You might ride everything from a vehicle-width moorland drover’s road to some smooth woodland singletrack to a bridleway running across some farmland. The trails will differ depending on where you’re riding – in Scotland it might be wilder, more remote and slightly more challenging. In Tuscany, you might be on perfectly graded ‘strada bianche’ white roads. In Spain, you could be on an ancient mule track previously used as a trading route between villages. Wherever you ride, we guarantee it will be varied, interesting and fun.

What’s a gravel bike and do I need one on a gravel holiday?

While there is a gravel bike stereotype – drop handlebar, wide volume tyres, disc brakes, more relaxed geometry than road or cyclocross bikes, mounts for carrying luggage etc, everyone’s view of what makes a ‘perfect’ gravel bike will vary. You don’t “need” a gravel bike to take part in our range of gravel trips, but they are super fun to ride! In the trip information, we explain exactly what the terrain and trail surfaces will be like on your chosen route , plus we give advice on the type of bike and crucially, the minimum width of tyre that we recommend if you’re going to be bringing your own bike.

What bike handling skills or experience do I need to join a gravel trip?

We make sure that every Skedaddle cycling holiday has a really comprehensive description of what it involves and the level of experience and fitness that we think you will need to get the best out of it. Initially, we recommend that you check out the sections on Terrain, Gravel Cycling Grade and “Is this suitable for you?” which can all be found on the specific holiday pages on our website. You can call us to chat it through!

What type of clothing and equipment do I need?

Most cycling clothing can work on a gravel bike – you don’t need a specific helmet/shoes/glasses/shorts etc. What gravel riders choose to wear/use is generally determined by what other cycling disciplines they participate in. If you normally ride on the road and are happy wearing lycra, then wear that on your gravel bike too. If you think of yourself as a mountain biker and prefer baggy shorts, then that’s fine too! Our only word of advice would be to use MTB-style SPD pedals and shoes with treaded soles if you ride clipless, rather than using smooth-soled road shoes and road SPD pedals.

Leisure Cycling

What should I wear?

There’s no need to hit the shops for a new range of cycling kit, (though if you need an excuse then a holiday is a good one!) but there are a few things we recommend that will make your cycling experience more pleasurable – notably padded shorts, available in all shapes and sizes – the best investment you’ll ever make! Loose fitting clothes and a peaked helmet to protect against the sun are always a shrewd move too.

Can I shorten the trip?

We’re always happy to be flexible and shortening or extending the trip to suit your travel arrangements is something we’re very used to doing! This isn’t always practical on all of our trips but contact our team to find out how we can help.

Mountain Biking

I’m thinking about a group trip but I’m worried it will be all pro riders?

Our holidays are just that, holidays, and so you’re always free to go at your own pace, as long as the group sticks close enough together from a safety perspective. Whilst all of our guests are a wide range of people with an equally diverse background, higher-grade trips do tend to attract more experienced riders and the pace is likely to be faster on these tours. If you want ultimate control over the pace and are looking for more opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery, then you might want to look at our self guided options.

Singletrack/technical – what does it mean and is it for me?

The term Mountain Biking covers a wide range of riding, from wide-open dirt roads through to very ‘technical’ terrain. When we refer to singletrack we mean narrow trails that can only carry one biker at a time and these can be smooth and flowing, or steep and exposed, depending on the trip. Technical terrain refers to trails that require a higher level of skill and may include features such as steps, roots, rocks, loose surfaces and small drops. Our guides are always happy to offer tips to improve your technique too.

I have never mountain biked before, is this a good idea?

Beginner mountain bikers with good fitness and an adventurous attitude will have a great time on many of our holidays, but you need to be careful that you choose a trip of the right grade. If you have never ridden off-road before you should get some practice in before your trip or you could join us on an introductory weekend based in the UK.

Do you have holidays for electric mountain bikes?

Yes! We now have a range of electric mountain bike holidays. These great trips explore some of the best biking regions in the UK, Spain and Italy. High quality pedal assisted electric mountain bikes are available to hire in Spain and Italy, while we know lots of you have your very own electric mountain bike and our holidays in the UK offer you the opportunity to bring these along. For more information see our full range here, or give our friendly team a call to find out more.

Family Cycling

Are my children eligible for discounts?

Yes! We’re passionate about inspiring a new generation of cyclists and want to give our little riders the best deals possible. Discounts for children vary from holiday to holiday and are based on the size and rooming arrangements of your holiday. Check out individual holiday pages and Tour Dossiers for more information and prices, or alternately give us a quick call and we can chat through these with you.

Are family rooms available?

Many of our discounts are based on sharing a family room, whether this be a large room with extra beds or an apartment. On a number of occasions we offer unique accommodation too, including:
- Staying in a yurt in Southern Spain
- Tree houses or gypsy caravans in France
- Barges in Holland
- Rorbus in Norway

What bikes are available for my family to hire?

If you’re looking to hire a bike from us we’ve got a great selection of bikes available in all of our locations. Children’s bikes come in a variety of sizes and for those just getting into cycling our holidays are a great opportunity to try out a trailer or tag-a-long.

Cycling Adventures

What is the accommodation like?

Our Cycling Adventures are designed to immerse you in a destination and experience things out of reach to most tourists. For each trip we focus on places, which give us a nice, warm welcome, and a great feel for the destination. Sometimes this means forgoing some mod cons, but our customers often tell us these make for some of the highlights of the trip.

What else should I consider in the run up to my trip?

For some long haul destinations you will require visas and other permits which we will be able to advise you on in the build up to your trip. You may also need specific vaccinations, and our website offers some guidelines, but call us to discuss before you speak to your doctor.