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Choosing the Right Grade

Everyone is different...

Someone's challenging ride is another one's gentle meander, so all our grades are somewhat subjective! With this in mind, we've put together our grading system so that you have the information necessary, to choose the perfect trip for you. 

Why are grades important?

Choosing a holiday of the right grade and making sure you are prepared means you'll really be able to make the most of the cycling opportunities on your chosen trip. Alongside the grades, each holiday has its own set of Trip Notes, which includes a Terrain section, and further information on the riding itself. Combined, these two aspects give a pretty good insight into what to expect, so that you can enjoy the ride.

So...How do we do it?

Every one of our cycling holidays is carefully graded by our team of experts and are graded based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The daily distances
  • The amount of hills (or lack thereof) you’ll have to conquer
  • The nature of the terrain you’ll be exploring
  • Holiday or destination specific features that may increase the difficulty of the ride (e.g. altitude, heat etc.)

How to pick the right grade

Each category of cycling has its own specific grading system, so we can accurately let you know how one stacks up against another. For more specific information about each grade, please click on your preferred type of cycling below:

Still not quite sure which grade suits you best? Give us a quick call on 0191 265 1110 and we'll help you pick the right grade for you!