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Responsible Travel

Being Responsible

Don’t just be a tourist, make a positive impact!
We recognise our responsibility to the people and places we visit. Our philosophy is ensuring that your trip can have a positive impact on the places you visit. We work in a way that endeavours to maximise the benefits to the areas and communities we visit and we work in long term partnerships with our local partners. Our approach looks to:

  • Minimise the impact of our tours on local societies and cultures while enabling our customers to connect with the fantastic local cultures and communities.

  • Maximise the benefits to local people economically in the places we visit.

  • Manage our footprint to limit our environmental impact.

Travelling with awareness

The environmental impact of travelling can be significant, not least when it involves flying. We believe meaningful impact in the fight against climate change can only be achieved by us all lowering our carbon footprint, Carbon Offsetting alone is not the long term solution. Our approach is to encourage the reduction of our overall footprint at home and when we travel.

Click here to work out your footprint and suggestions for actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint in your everyday life.

A Responsible approach

To us it’s more than just preserving the landscape – we travel in small groups to minimise any disruption to local communities and ecosystems. We are also keen to use facilities and services owned by local people to help preserve the local communities and cultures and contribute to their economies.

Our cycling holidays enable people to travel at a pace only small groups allow, making the most each country has to offer while sensitively interacting with its people, their way of life and their natural environment. We recognise that in operating our trips that we have a responsibility to respect other people’s places and ways of life. As such our aim is to be responsible in the way we impact on a destination. We will inform our clients about our travel policy and encourage them to participate through their own actions and activities.

Protect the Environment and conserve natural resources

  • We have joined the tourism declares a climate emergency community, please read our official declaration here

  • Encourage our staff to cycle, walk or use public transport to work.

  • Operate recycle paper systems in the office and use print cartridges that are recycled.

  • Use recycled and environmentally friendly paper for our promotional publications, brochures and letterhead.

  • Provide information for our travellers that enable the reduction of water usage, systems for collecting, recycling or safe disposal of litter and relevant suggestions to minimise damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems.

  • In each destination we will aim to work with or encourage local destination partners to work with appropriate local projects with direct or indirect environmental benefits.

  • As a rule, we design trips with a maximum group size of 15-18 people minimising both the social and environmental impact.

  • While recognising the need for motor vehicle support and back up in certain circumstances we will where possible use locally owned and appropriate vehicles and look to minimise their impact on the natural environment.

​​Provide economic benefit to the people and places we visit

  • In all our destinations we will work with small local destination companies or locally based people that contribute fully to the local economy and employ local guides.

  • We will aim to work with these partners on a long-term basis developing close, transparent and mutually beneficial working relationships.

  • We aim to ensure that the local supplier, their employees and guides receive a fair wage for their activities measured by locally appropriate standards.

  • Working with local people in designing itineraries and tours we will aim to use small locally owned accommodation, equipment and food providers that employ local people.

  • In each destination we will inform travellers of the ways in which they can do more to ensure their purchases or activities benefit the local economy.

Respect local cultures and communities

  • In all our destinations we work with smaller local suppliers or locally based people that employ local guides who understand and work with local communities to provide authentic experiences in a sensitive way.

  • We will provide travellers with accurate pre-trip information on the social and political situation and with suggestions of ways to minimise negative impacts on local cultures.

  • Where appropriate our trips will be involve local guides when accompanying visits to local communities

  • Working with local people in the design of our trips we will only visit areas where local people are happy to be visited and do so in a way that supports understanding of the local community.

  • In each destination we will inform travellers of the ways in which they can do more to benefit local social projects with direct or indirect benefits to the host community.

As a company, within the constraints of our organisation's size, we will encourage and support practices and policies that ensure that the benefits of the worlds tourism industry are maximised for the local economies and ideally have a positive impact on the broader development of the countries visited.

Choosing a Skedaddle cycling holiday helps you provide a positive impact.

Developing our approach to how we run our trips is an ongoing process. To let us know your thoughts on our approach, please email us at info@skedaddle.com or call us in the office.