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South Korea

Seoul to Busan

Guided Bike Tour




13 days

Prices from

$5,915 P.P.
Join us on this beautiful cycling journey through South Korea. A place of contrasts from ancient to modern and serene to chaotic. This is a trip that offers the chance to experience a country steeped in a rich and fascinating history that vies for attention with the bustling vibrancy of its capital Seoul.
Home to several World Heritage Sites this often overlooked country is a rare Asian gem. It’s a sheer delight for the savvy traveller with an interest in history, culture and cuisine. With a sunny climate and lush green fields and forests in the spring and summer that turn to beautiful colours in the Autumn it makes for a wonderful place to cycle.
Our route takes you through a mountainous landscape of sleepy villages that sit alongside peaceful farming communities and where ancient traditions and cultures are passionately kept alive. We'll also enjoy riding along the lovely coastline in the later stages of the trip.
This place to place ride starts in Seoul and ends in the historic Gyeongju. Along the way you’ll visit Yangpyeong and rural Angsung, relax your muscles in the hot springs of Suanbo and take in the UNESCO cultural village of Hahoe Cultural Village near Andong. Along the way you'll enjoy some great Korean cuisine and the best noodles and Kimchi you've ever tasted! 
With lots to see in Gyeongju there is time set aside here to explore this amazing and culturally important place.
From here we transfer by KTX Bullet Train to South Korea’s second largest city Busan where the tour ends with a tour of the city. Highlights on this final day include Gamcheon Culture Village, Korea's largest seafood market Jagalchi and the Buddhist temple of Haedong Yonggungsa.

Our final accommodation is at Haeundae, close to its superb white sandy beach of the same name. Here another superb Korean meal rounds off the trip and allows us the chance to raise a toast to the local guides and support team who have looked after us duriung our time here.

With so much to see in this amazing country why not tag on extra time in Busan or back in Seoul or hop over to Jeju and enjoy this lovely Korean island.


  • Seoul – Cool art, sights and shopping
  • Bustling Busan, Jagalchi fish market and Gamcheon
  • Historic Gyeongju and Andong’s Hahoe Cultural Village
  • K-Pop, culture and delicious cuisine
  • Traffic-free cycle paths and rural riding
  • Hot springs and misty mountains

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Day 1
Departure - Overnight flight to South Korea

You’ll leave for South Korea from your chosen departure airports to Seoul’s Incheon International Airport (ICN), generally arriving the following day.

Day 2
Arrival Seoul
  • Meals: Dinner

Welcome to South Korea! Flights from the UK/Europe tend to arrive late afternoon and so after transferring from the airport (1hr approx.) and following hotel check-in, there will be time set aside for bike fitting at the hotel. Early evening we head out for our first delicious evening meal at the nearby restaurant. During the meal your guide(s) will be on hand to go over all the formalities of the trip and answer any specific questions that you may have.

Day 3
Seoul to Yangpyeong
48 Miles / 77 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 288 Metres

After breakfast and the final bike fit tweaks we set off on our amazing journey through South Korea. Centrally located, our hotel has easy access to the newly developed Cheonggyecheon Stream Bike Path that cuts through the heart of the city and ensures we’ve no need for vehicle transfers out of Seoul. Our initial section takes us close to the Jongno gold and jewelery area and shortly afterwards alongside the fashion district of Myeondong. After around 6kms we reach the Han River Park where we then continue our ride along the Han River Bikeway which we utilize during our initial cycling days.

Although a fairly chunky distance today, it lacks in any major hills, a fact that will certainly aid our progress. On exiting the city limits we are soon away from Seoul’s hustle and bustle and it’s not long before the views begin to open up. Paldang is a popular cycling spot for Seoulites and is scheduled in for lunch mid-point of the ride. The town is famed for its buckwheat noodles and we’ll be picking our favourite spot to try these out. There is also a great bike shop here if you are in need of a little early-trip retail therapy.

Suitably replenished we take continue our way along and enjoy a traffic-free cycle-route (that includes a few tunnels) all the way to the city of Yangpyeong. Our hotel accommodation is situated in a more rural location a short distance away from the city with the evening meal taken close-by at a small family run restaurant.

Day 4
Yangpyeong to Angsung
42 Miles / 68 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 400 Metres

Back on the bikes we depart directly from the hotel and are soon enjoying the South Han River Bike Path. As with yesterday it is pretty much traffic-free and as we are that bit further away from Seoul our biking buddies are now few and far between from here on in. The scenery alters too with the area less open and pine trees more more prevalent. As with yesterday it’s a similarly flat day, with a few less kms as we head to the county of Angsung.

The whole area is famous for its hot springs that bubble to the surface from around 700 metres below the ground. Renowned for its healing properties, it is effective for treating back pain, stiff shoulders, fatigue and a whole gamut of other ailments. So, what better way to relax after a day on the bike than by seeing what all the fuss is about.

Although a sleepy little place Ansung but does have a couple of great family run restaurants close to the hotel that are just the ticket!

Day 5
Angsung to Suanbo
30 Miles / 48 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 250 Metres

A few more undulations along the way today and a final steady climb as we head to North Chungcheong and the time-honoured hot springs town of Suanbo. Set in a lovely location it’s a compact little place whose healing waters have been shooting water to the surface for over 30,000 years.

It has been part of Korean culture for centuries and was officially mentioned in 1018, during the ninth year of King Hyeongjong’s reign. Taking a hot bath here is certainly part of the attraction. That said, with the nearby hills and mountains being a hikers paradise it’s now firmly on the map with those looking to combine some exercise and bathing.

In order to have some down time and to allow you time for a little local exploring we plan to arrive early-afternoon, with a late lunch taken in the town. During your wanderings there is no better foot fix than popping your feet into one of the hot water foot baths close to the centre of the town. For those looking for the full onsen experience this is also possible here.

Suanbo is also famed for its food with its pheasant dishes highly recommended. With this in mind we visit our favourite restaurant to sample some of this tasty local fayre.

Day 6
Suanbo to Mungyeong Saejae
19 Miles / 30 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 500 Metres

Suitably re-fuelled and refreshed it’s time to tackle a few hills. The scenery will have been slowly changing yesterday, and today it continues to change, with the riverside meanderings replaced by densely covered mountains and steep-sided valleys. We’ll be heading upwards, straight from the get-go on leaving Suanbo as we take on Sojoryung (362m). Steep at times it’s a tough 2.5km climb to tackle first thing in the morning. That said the views that it affords are well worth the effort and there are plenty of places to take a little rest should you need to.

As well as the mountain scenery you are now in an area famous for its chillies and you’ll see every nook and cranny filled with these hot little devils as you cycle along. Our second climb or around 5kms is that of Ihwaryung (548m) which comes after a great downhill section. Ihwaryung has formed the boundary between Chungcheong Province and Gyeongsang Province since the Josun Dynasty (1392-1910) and it’s easy to see why.

It’ll be a great sense of achievement to reach the top and kick back for a while at the café whilst you catch your breath. As the old adage goes: what goes up must come down and you’re in for a treat! From the top there is a superb winding descent down to the Munkyeong Valley below and the exertions of the climbs will soon be forgotten.

Once in the valley we’ve a couple of rolling kms to lunch. Another culinary treat is in stall for us with our meal prepared by an award winning tofu chef! Retracing our pedal strokes a little we soon reach Mungyeong Saejae (Mungyeong Pass).

The pass played an important role as the gateway in and out of Gyeongsang province with scholars, traders and government officials from Gyeongsang all required to go through the pass on the way to Seoul and Busan. Our accommodation is situated at the valley end within Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park.

It can be a busy place during the day for visitors but come late afternoon (when we plan to arrive) it’s transformed into a much quieter place and is a wonderful place to take a wander especially during the colours of Autumn. Our evening meal is taken a very short stroll away from our accommodation.

Day 7
Mungyeong Saejae to Andong City
48 Miles / 77 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 300 Metres

Heading out from the park we’ve a big ride ahead. Thankfully the hills of yesterday won’t be around and after a few initial undulations it’s pretty flat throughout.

This is a day of wonderful rural riding that starts amongst the apple orchards of Mungyeong Saejae and ends close to the cultural heritage village of Andong Hahoe. It’s a day that sees us cycling a beautiful route that weaves its way beside streams and rivers, criss-crosses farmland and cuts its way through huge swathes of paddy fields, whose colours contrasts with the nearby darker mountain scenery.

It’s a ride where cover/shade is limited and so there will be plenty of stops scheduled along the way should the sun be strong. Today’s ride ends after 77kms at Hahoe Cultural Village and with places to stay limited in this immediate location we transfer (45 minutes approx.) to Andong City.

The location is a complete contrast from the rural tranquillity of today’s ride with our hotel well situated close to the bustling market and shops. What’s more we’ll be here for two evenings and so there’s no need to re-pack your luggage in the morning.

Andong’s contribution to Korean cuisine is without doubt Jjindak – braised chicken which is cooked with various vegetables and marinated in a ganjang based sauce. This savoury, mildly salty and sweet dish also has a subtle spicy kick (afterall you are in Korea) and is best accompanied with a chilled beer or two. Now that’s a winning combination and there’s no guessing what we’ll be eating tonight.

Day 8
Andong City and Hahoe Cultural Village
Non Cycling Day
  • Meals: Breakfast

After 5 days of cycling it’s time to take a break from the bikes. After an early breakfast we head back to Andong Hahoe Cultural Village where our ride yesterday concluded.

Situated around 25kms from Andong City we’ll utilise our support vehicle(s) for the short journey here. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010 it is a traditional village from the Joseon Dynasty and a valuable part of Korean culture. The village maintains old architectural styles that have been lost due to rapid modernisation and development in South Korea with its values focussing on retaining the tradition of clan-based villages. With its aristocratic tile roofed residences and thatched roof servants’ homes you’ll really be able to see what life would have once been like in days gone by.

With plenty to see here it’s a matter of choosing your own pace and having a wander to see what you’ll discover. Culturally enriched and after lunch we transfer back from Hahoe to our accommodation for a spot of down-time or you may wish to explore more of downtown Andong.

Many leading outdoor clothing brands manufacture their clothing in South Korea, with outlets scattered through the city. So, if you are looking to replace that jacket that has seen better days… not that you need an excuse.. there are lots of options here.

With lots of varied tasty food options and venues, from traditional Korean to mainstream Western you are free tonight to go it alone and choose what you fancy to eat for the evening. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice and won’t go hungry in Andong! Craft beer is also taking off in Korea with a few decent Hofs (bars) to explore downtown.

Day 9
Andong City to Cheongsong
31 Miles / 50 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 780 Metres

Refreshed after a day off the bikes we head off from our hotel to Cheongsong. We are heading up into the mountains today and whilst not as hilly as some earlier days there are a few climbs to test the legs, as we leave the relative flat close to Andong. This is a simply gorgeous ride and certainly amongst people’s favourite days of the the trip.

Our first point of interest is the dramatic Andong Lake. This is one of the largest artificial lakes in South Korea and makes for a great place to take a break and take on some snacks. After this we slowly edge our way back into the hills on a series of quiet scenic mountain roads. Our final riding treat is the descent to Cheongsong – our final destination today.

Cheongsong’s name is derived from “Cheongbo” and ‘Songsang’ meaning ‘green treasure’ and ‘pine tree ecology’. It’s easy to see why with the Autumn colours here particularly splendid. Situated amidst the Taebaek mountain range this is a beautiful area with temperatures usually a little cooler than on previous days.

Once more we are in the land of hot springs. If you are looking to take in the rejuvenating waters then a visit to the onsen adjacent to tour hotel to bathe with the locals is a must.

Lunch today is enjoyed in the centre of Cheongsong (following the ride) with our evening meal taken close to the hotel.

Day 10
Cheongsong to Pohang
70 Miles / 112 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Ascent: 1200 Metres

Today we set our sights on the peaceful coastal town of Pohang situated on the East Sea of South Korea. Although perhaps our most challenging day of riding it’s a Korean classic and one which will rank high in your list of favourite days on the bike.

From Cheongsong we’ll be continuing our route through the mountains and be close-by Korea’s smallest National Park Juwangsan. Our climbing focus for the day is Juwang. Topping out at 721 metres it’s a steady scenic climb that is similar to those you’ll have experienced near Suanbo, just some more pedal strokes longer! As always the support vehicle is at hand should you wish to take it easy and hop aboard.

Coffee stop this morning is an absolute gem! Situated at Cheongsong’s Ice Park at Eoreumgol (Ice Valley) it’s a wonderful place to kick back for a little while and get your morning caffeine kick and obligatory cake.

With our destination for lunch at sea-level the ride from the top of Juwang as expected follows a downward trajectory for the remainder of the ride to the coast. We are heading to the east coast of Gyeongsangbuk-do and Yeongdoek. This typical fishing village blessed with the natural beauty of the mountains and East Sea of Korea boasts hundreds of snow crab restaurants in its Gangguhang Port and has been the centre of the Snow Crab ‘scene’ since the times of the Goryeo Dynasty.

The afternoon ride from Yeongdoek to Pohang sees us heading southwards along the east coast of Korea for a pretty flat 46km, providing a nice contrast to the initial stages this morning.

Our initial coastal route allows us to take in quieter roads through small fishing communities help to keep us away from some busier traffic sections. The scenery is nice throughout, with the vivid blue waters of the East Sea to our left our constant companion.

After leaving the coastal roads we head inland for a short while. Although this section takes us through a more industrial area it has a good bike path that allows us to weave our way into Pohang – South Korea’s main steel making area.

Our accommodation a modern hotel is situated at the northern tip of Yeongildae Beach. This long sandy beach is a great place to watch the sunset or take in sunrise and also where you can stretch the legs after a day on the bike. Evening meal is taken close to the accommodation and for those looking for a pre or post meal drink there are some decent options available along its beachfront.

Day 11
Pohang to Gyeongju
29 Miles / 46 Kms Approx.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch
  • Ascent: 200 Metres

Heading away from Pohang and the coast our final day of riding sees us taking a coastal route before heading inland and taking the Pohang/Gyeongju bike path that leads us to Gyeongju. It’s a short day, with just a few undulating sections so we arrive to Gyeongju nice and early in order to discover this ‘museum without walls’ as it is sometimes referred to.

Lunch will be taken on arrival and late afternoon / early evening it is planned to have a relaxed walk/wander to check out some of the historic sights of this amazing location. Highlights of the area include Cheomseongdae (the astronomical observatory), the Daereungwon (Ancient Tombs), Gyeongju Seokbinggo (the ice house)and Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond.

To compliment our time here we stay in a traditional Korean house that is based around a Donggyeonggwan – a guesthouse for foreign distinguished guests or central officials during the Goryeo and Joseon eras.

Whilst maintaining ancient values it is now a comfortable place to stay and certainly enhances adds to your time in Korea. No beds tonight but mattresses and bedding are provided for sleeping on the floor in a traditional way, with the bathroom modern and toilet western style.

As with Andong there are a variety of Korean and Western style places to eat close to our accommodation. So time once again to ‘go it alone’ and try out your best Korean. The area also has some great little bars tucked away in its myriad of traditional streets should you fancy a drink.

Day 12
Gyeongju to Busan
Non Cycling Day
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

The light here early morning tends to be really special and so setting the alarm for a super early wake-up is highly recommended.

Following breakfast and a 30 minute transfer to Shin-Gyeongju train station we take the speedy 30 minute KTX bullet train to bustling Busan. On arrival we’ll be whisked off to see three of its main and completely contrasting sights. First stop is Gamcheon Culture Village. Gamcheon is a place of colourful houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of mountain and makes for a nice place to have a wander and explore its ‘nooks and crannies‘.

Next stop is Korea’s largest seafood market Jagalchi. After a wander to check out the weird and the wonderful on sale we take lunch here. For those who’d liked to try the freshest and tastiest sashimi imaginable this is for sure the place to treat your tastebuds!

Our third and final spot is the Buddhist temple of Haedong Yonggungsa and is a real contrast to the crazy hustle and bustle of Jagalchi and is a fitting end to our journey through this amazing country.

Our final accommodation is a modern hotel situated in Haeundae, close to its superb white sandy beach of the same name. Another superb Korean meal rounds off the day and over which its time to reflect on your adventure through South Korea and raise a toast to the local guides and support team who have looked after you for the last 12 days.

Day 13
  • Meals: Breakfast

Sadly our time together in Korea is at an end and it’s time for onward connections.

Whether you are heading back to Seoul by KTX train or plane, spending extra time in Busan or plan to explore beautiful Jeju Island, there’s plenty to still to enjoy no matter how long you’ve left of your holiday.

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The Cycling


During our time in Korea we will be cycling on well-surfaced cycle paths and roads. For the vast majority of the time you will be on cycle paths or quiet side roads where there is little or no traffic. On entering some of the larger towns and cities the traffic does increase a little, though is rarely heavy or too onerous.

Our initial day of riding sees us on a popular Seoul cycleway that cuts through the city. On this we will be ‘accompanied’ at times by local riders and commuters. We’ll also have to stop at various junctions / intersections on this section.

Once out of the city our route takes us alongside the Han River and surrounding valleys and is relatively flat. After Suanbo the route gets hillier as we head into the mountains before descending to Munkyeong. From here the route is undulating and meandering as it heads through the fertile rice growing areas close to Andong.

On leaving Andong we once again head up into the mountains. Now on quiet rural roads rather than cycle ways you can expect some challenging sections near the hot springs mountain area of Cheongsong. On reaching the East Sea at Yeongdeok the hills are behind us and we’ve some coastal miles ahead. Our final section sees us heading inland on a combination of rolling small roads and cycle routes that lead us to Gyeongju.

Photo Sep 17 2022, 11 09 13 AM.jpg

Cycling Adventures Grade

Grade 3 : Moderate

Distances generally between 20-45 miles / 32-72 kms per day

For the leisure cyclist with a good level of physical fitness

May include some steeper, cheeky climbs

Possibly sections of varying terrain (eg. forest tracks, gravel paths etc)

Our grading guidelines have been carefully created based on our many years of cycling experience, as well as customer feedback from our trips. Of course, if you're still struggling to figure out where you fit on the scale, do feel free to give us a quick call and we'll be more than happy to help!

For more information about our grading system click here.

Is this suitable for you?

Although you may not cycle everyday, you do keep yourself relatively fit and maybe enjoy an afternoon out on your bike at the weekend. Your preference is perhaps for flatter terrain but you don’t mind tackling some hills, and the occasional steep climb if you can take it at your own pace. For those happy to tackle some ups and downs, and possibly some sections of varying terrain (eg. forest tracks, gravel paths etc) we’d recommend our grade 3 trips. We’d generally expect those on a Grade 3 holiday to have a decent level of physical fitness and be comfortable with some longer days in the saddle.

For more information about the grading of this holiday in particular, please check out the terrain section which will give you some specifics of what to expect on this tour.

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Dates & Prices

Secure Your Holiday With A Deposit

Book now with a $375 deposit and nothing more to pay until 60 days before departure. Choose a date to start your booking and see all prices, including bike hire and single room supplements.

Select a date to view prices and book
Start Date
End Date
Price p.p.
Start Date
Fully Booked
Return Date
13 days
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13 days
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Return Date
13 days
Start Date
Return Date
13 days

Whats Included Tick

A) Accommodation (shared twin / double en suite rooms)

B) Meals as per itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)

C) Filtered water and snacks whilst cycling

D) Full tour service including bilingual Korean guide(s)

E) Support vehicle and luggage transfers

E) Unless stated otherwise, at least one leader qualified in First Aid

F) Entrance ticket for Hahoe Cultural Village – Day 8

G) KTX Bullet Train from Shin-Gyeongju to Busan with the group on Day 13

H) Group airport transfer on scheduled arrival day from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport (ICN)

I) Group transfer on scheduled departure day which will drop at both Busan’s Gimhae International Airport (PUS) and Busan Train Station for KTX trains.

What's not Included Cross

A) Bike rental (available if required)

B) Flights and charges for travelling with your bike (if applicable)

C) Meals not stated in the itinerary

D) Single room (available if required)

E) Travel insurance

F) Personal clothing and equipment

G) Personal expenditure (souvenirs, bar bills, hotel facilities etc)

H) Optional activities mentioned in itinerary

I) Onsen facilities – 5,000 to 8,000 Won (per person and per onsen)

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Private Departures

Private Departures

Are you keen to only travel with your family or friends? Struggling to find the right date? Well, we can organise a private departure for this tour and tailor aspects to suit your group's specific needs. Contact our friendly team and we'll help you turn your dream into reality.

The Essentials

Travel Options

Our tour starts in South Korea’s capital city Seoul and ends in the coastal city of Busan.

Group airport transfers are included in the holiday cost and both the arrival and return transfers will be co-ordinated with the group flight schedule. We will provide you with details of suitable flight/arrival/departure schedules as flight timetables become available.

We ask that you arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN). There are a number of airlines that offer flights to South Korea, please chat to our team.

Following the end of the tour in Busan, we will transfer as a group to Busan airport and the train station for onward travel. Typically, connecting through Seoul’s Incheon International Airport is necessary for your return flights home.

Please check with us before making any travel arrangements to ensure we have reached the minimum number required to guarantee your holiday and to make sure your arrangements fit with our scheduled transfers.

Please note If you make travel arrangements that fall outside of the scheduled transfer windows, there may be an additional charge for individual transfers.


As with all of our trips we aim to use accommodation which showcases the style and hospitality of the area you are visiting. We always have comfort and convenience in mind when selecting such places.

Part of the joy of travelling by bike through some of the smaller, rural areas, means of course that we are limited in our choice of accommodation – sometimes we are staying in the only guesthouse / small hotel. Whilst not having all the facilities that you may be accustomed to at home, we can safely say that these small, family-run places make up for that in location, views, atmosphere and friendly service.

Throughout the tour there will be a range of accommodation types and styles depending on the region you are travelling through and the availability in our overnight stops. In some locations we are required to opt for larger hotels with modern facilities. Whilst these may not have the character of some of the other places, they are well located and chosen to reduce lengthy transfers.

Some of the highlights of the trip are on days 3, 5 and 9 where you can enjoy onsen facilities either at the hotel or nearby. On day 11 another highlight is a stay in a traditional Korean house. Here the rooms are twin occupancy with mattresses and bedding are provided for sleeping on the floor in a traditional style. The bathroom does however have modern facilities with the toilet western style. http://hwangnamguan.co.kr

At the accommodations where breakfast is not available we eat at a local restaurant or cafe depending on the location.

A single room supplement is available for those wanting their own room.

Bike Hire

Due to the place to place nature of this tour we recommend renting a bike with us. Our bikes will be ready for you in Seoul at the start of the tour and we’ll take care of them until Gyeongju/Busan at the end. From Busan you can then choose to fly or catch the train back to Seoul without having to worry about travelling with your bike or bike bag.

Our bikes for this trip are lightweight aluminium Giant hybrids with rim brakes, good components, 700c wheels and an upright riding position. Giant Liv women specific bikes are also available in smaller sizes (XS) – contact us for availability of these.

We also have a limited quantity of Giant Fast SR E+ electric bikes. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

If you decide to rent we can include a helmet (though always nicer to bring your own!) and all the necessary spares for the trip. If required, please request a helmet on booking. If you prefer to bring along your own saddle and pedals then this is fine and recommended just let us know upon booking that you will do this.

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